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Allen Chapel A.M.E.

Allen Chapel A.M.E.
Allen Chapel A.M.E.
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500 N. Gillemard Street P.O. Box 17787 
Pensacola FL, 32522 
850.433.2404-H -C

The Reverend Freddie N. Tellis (Monica)
820 Binnacle Place
Pensacola, FL 32507

850.875.8777-H 850.508.5753-C

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PASTOR: The Reverend Freddie N. Tellis 
PASTOR’S SPOUSE: Mrs. Monica Tellis 
FIRST PASTOR: Rev. David White (First Pastor On Record)

Allen Chapel A. M.E. Church of Pensacola, Florida is one of the oldest churches in Pensacola and one of the oldest in the African Methodist Episcopal Connection. There have been several church histories written about Allen Chapel Church in Pensacola, Florida. Of the histories written, two of the dates for establishment are 1855 and in1868 as part of the Florida Annual Conference—the Marianna District. By 1870 it was listed in the Pensacola City Directory, and by 1872 deeds were issued to the Allen Chapel A. M. E. Mission. Allen has been located in four different sites. The first location was near the corner of Palafox and Strong Streets. The second site was Tarragona Street between Chase and Gregory Streets. The third site was on Belmont Street between Guillemard and Tarragona Streets. Allen Chapel has been located at its fourth and present site, 500 North Guillemard Street since 1901.

Over the years, Allen has been blessed by having some of the most capable men in ministry serve as Pastor. To name a few:

Rev. Isaiah Henderson Welch, Rev. S. H. Betts, Rev. Whitfield; Rev. L. C. Fisher, Rev. Sutton; Rev. Tharpe; Rev. R. L. Murrell and Rev. J. S. Johnson. Other Pastors and their accomplishments were:

Rev. Y. B. Bruce, Sr. Renovation and expansion of church and installation of central heating unit.
Rev. A. W. Williams—new pews, baptismal font, pulpit furniture and new organ.
Rev. E. J. Parker—cushions for Sanctuary pews and the parsonage on Guillemard Street was demolished and a parking lot was made for the Church.
Rev. James Hannas—services were broadcast by one of the local radio stations and since Rev. Hannas had a special interest in the sick and shut-ins, he often carried recordings to them.
Rev. R. G. Heastie— Reorganized and revitalized the Young Peoples Department and YPDers excelled in competitions on the Episcopal District level.  
Rev. Harry S. Dawkins—new parsonage purchased.
Rev. Theodore Andrews—began debt reduction for the church.
Rev. Ronald E. Williams, Sr.—contributed to the Spiritual growth of the church as well as placed emphasis on Allen becoming a tithing church.
Rev. Dr. Carlton L. Taylor—led church in massive renovation after hurricane Ivan. A Rededication and Mortgage Burning Ceremony was held on March 25, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. with Bishop McKinley Young Officiating. Additional church property was also purchased. 
Rev. Dr. A. Nevell Owens – Focused on spiritual growth and led membership to develop a meaningful vision that each member could buy into. 
Rev. Freddie N. Tellis – Arrived in November 2012 and hit the ground running implementing comprehensive programs to encourage maximum membership participation.  

Other persons of interest include but not limited to are: The late Sis. Lillie James Frazier— Member of Allen Chapel Board of Stewards, Women’s Missionary Society (local society named after Sis Frazier), Church School Superintendent and Connectional Board Member; The late Bro. H. S. Weatherspoon, Steward Board Pro Tem and General Contractor; The late Bro. Edward Weatherspoon, Steward Board Pro Tem, Church Treasurer and retired Civil Service Worker; Presently--Janie Glover, Steward Board Pro Tem, Commission on Stewardship Finance Chairperson and Deputy Director, NETSAFA, NASP Bro. Bernard Jenkins, Sr., Trustee Pro Tem, Sons of Allen and Escambia county school board employee; Dr. Elmer Jenkins, Member of Steward Board, Former Church School Teacher and Former College Professor and School Board member for 17 years; Rev. Carrie L. Brown, Office Administrative Assistant, Director of Christian Education and Associate Minister under the leader-ship of Rev. Freddie N. Tellis.

Presiding Elder's Welcome

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! . . . Psalm 34:8

Welcome to the Pensacola Marianna District “new and improved” website. The District Consultant and I are excited about this website.  We have re-designed this website to share all the exciting things going on in the entire District. This new website will serve as our gateway of accessibility, electronic fellowship, and network to our 45 churches.  We are thankful for each historical contribution given by our churches and couldn’t wait to share them with you.

The Pensacola Marianna District is rich in history, tradition and hospitality.  Take a moment and explore what is happening in each of the churches and the growth of our District.  If you are a newcomer and have never visited one of our churches, we hope, from viewing this website that you discover something new and exciting about the District.  Glance around the site and explore the exciting church families that unify us, as one body of Christ.  

 Join us in the grand opening of our vision via this website. Again, on behalf of the Pensacola Marianna District, “The Friendly District, Where The Holy Ghost Resides” we are extremely honored to extend a welcome to our guests and friends visiting our website.  

Sister Davis and I consider ourselves blessed and highly favored to serve the people of this fine District.   It is our desire to be a welcoming entity to our neighbors, and to continuously build up the total person both spiritually and physically.  

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us.

Presiding Elder James H. Davis & Mrs. Deborah K. Davis, District Consultant